New digital release: SONGS OF A LOST LAND Vol I by Pip Eastop and Susanne Kujala

My newest release with music for horn and organ by Pip Eastop and Susanne Kujala is a digital one by the British label Three Worlds Records. Pip and I recorded it at the Organo Hall of the Helsinki Music Centre with its three very interesting organs. Please listen to it by yourself:

”These remarkable and unique recordings come to us courtesy of two players who are already established world virtuosos in the standard repertoire. Here they add creativity to technique to bring us a set of free improvisations of stunning originality. Some improvisers rehearse together over months and years to hone their performances: not Kujala and Eastop. They simply get together and start. They know they already have an empathy and stylistic compatibility which will bring them (and us) results at once atmospheric, emotional and satisfying. One thing you have to say of these two: they love their instruments. Eastop’s performance is not just improvising on the horn, it’s horn improvising: it’s hornistic to the nth degree. The same with Kujala: she doesn’t just play the organ, the organ and she are one mechanism. This combination of kindred spirits, creativity and virtuosity delivers us music-making of the highest order. You’ve never heard this before.”

Daryl Runswick


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